Poseidon Project

The POSEIDON project involves the exploitation of new concepts and approaches in materials and process integration which can open the way to new applications in physics and materials science.

 SPR sensors provide an extremely sensitive and versatile tool for miniaturized label-free sensing platforms integrated into lab-on-chip systems for potential applications in environmental monitoring, biotechnology, medical diagnostics, drug screening, food safety and security.

The integration of nanotechnologies and materials into smart microsystems will deliver affordable high performances for uses in health and security, thus responding to the need of Europe for better exploitation of the large enabling potential of photonics not only in different industrial sectors, but also in the problem solving concerning major societal challenges.

Concerning photonics and solutions for industrial applications with a strong societal impact, legionella monitoring will be easier, faster, more specific and will ensure an increase in the frequency of monitoring in sanitary structures, or other structures at high contamination risks.

Accessibility of the technology and its use by untrained personnel will ensure high diffusion, impacting on health and environmental issues.

The definition of guidelines and the consequent standardization activities will promote the exploitation of the monitoring/sanification system for new HVAC plants and the retrofitting of existing ones. Industrial validation activities, performed on a prototype for hospital applications, must be standardized to make them adaptable to other types of air conditioning systems for high crowding buildings (i.e. shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, production areas and offices). The further adaptability to hot sanitary water production systems will be simple because of sanification can be done both with chemical solutions (hyperchlorination) and heat treatments (temperatures above 75 °C).

The aim of the POSEIDON Project system is to eliminate legionella infection risks in every kind of water distribution and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems.

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